20 Best Games for 4GB RAM PC and Laptop

Are you looking for the best Games for 4GB RAM PC and laptop? We have a complete list prepared for you. But there is something you need to understand first.

For most of the games, RAM does not play a huge part. You need a quality GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) to run a game smoothly.

But you don’t have to worry, because we understand most of the PC and Laptop with 4GB RAM usually lacks a decent graphics card.

For this reason, we made sure to create a list of games that you can enjoy on mediocre and low-end graphics memory. All the games we mentioned below can smoothly run on minimum graphics memory(<512mb).

Is 4GB RAM Enough for Gaming?

There was a time when 4GB of RAM was more than enough for both gaming and daily work. Considering how much gaming industry has evolved with time, and we are discovering many quality games with almost real like graphics – the requirement of additional memory has increased for both RAM and Graphics card.

Most of the latest games require at least 8GB of RAM. And a minimum of 1GB Graphics Card (More the better).

Fortunately, you still have plenty of gaming options to enjoy with only 4GB of RAM. Although most of them are not up-to-date as of today’s standards – they are always fun to play on limited specs.


All of these games are selected after going through the gamer’s reviews and specs demand. They all are going to run perfectly on 4GB RAM PC or laptops, but some may require a bit more graphics performance.

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20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Who doesn’t know about this game? Possibly the most popular game of this decade. With the success of PUBG and how gamers adore it, the company decided to launch a lite version for low-end gamers known as PUBG-Lite, which can run smoothly on any PC with more than 2GB of RAM and Intel integrated graphics card.

Battlefield Bad Company

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Bad company is classified as the best battlefield by many due to the pack of entertainment it contains. Everything from the loading screen, characters, weapons, vehicles, sounds, and above all, the maps make this game overall a great game to enjoy.

Far Cry 3

20 Best Games For 4GB RAM PC And Laptop

Great characters and overall engaging story, this game is worthy of all the praise. With decent graphics and open-world gameplay, Far Cry 3 is still a great game to enjoy on limited specs.

Witcher 2

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Witcher 3 is a perfect example of a great RPG, visually impressive game with complex and deep characters. What gamers liked most about Witcher 3 is the way storyline develops as per their own choices and actions.

Sleeping Dogs

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

At the initial stage of play, it may appear a bit like GTA, but when you play it for a long time, you’ll find this game has its spice. With smooth fighting, great story, and a great atmosphere, Sleeping Dogs is still a great game to keep you entertained for many hours.

Assasins Creed Series

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Almost all Assasins Creed games can run on limited specifications. Later games may require a bit more graphics performance (1Gb almost). Other than that, most of them can run efficiently with 512Mb graphics memory and even on the integrated graphics card.

Overall the gameplay is exciting, and the atmosphere is beautiful. It’s better to start with Assasins Creed 1, so you can understand the complete story until the end.

Outlast 2

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Well written horror story in an open world and quality graphics that you can enjoy on multiple levels easy, normal, or hard as per your expertise. However, it’s better to start with easy or normal because hard mode can get tough to survive against enemies. Good things is, Outlast 2 can run smoothly with over 60 fps on low-end PC or laptop.

Crysis 3

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

If you’re a fan of FPS, this game is a must to enjoy. Graphics Crysis 3 packs are incredibly optimized and appealing, and the gameplay is pretty fun as well. This game safely can run on 4GB RAM, but you may require graphics card with at least 1GB of memory because of the top quality graphics.

Borderlands 3

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Borderlands 3 manages to blend terrific gunplay, a massive world, and stellar co-op into one great package. As per many who played, BL 3 surpassed the bar other Borderlands games set and classified it as the best game gearbox has made. If you like a lot of shooting games, this game is a must to play.

Life is Strange

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Right from the first scene to the last, Life is Strange a beautiful, captivating and moving adventure based on the everlasting friendship of two girls seeking to discover their world. With unique voice performances, plenty of secrets, and sometimes painful story, makes this game overall an emotionally engaging and full of feels.

Sniper Ghost Warrior

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Vast maps, smooth shooting, and great sound make Sniper Ghost Warrior a perfect shooting game to enjoy. If you like to shoot an enemy from 500 meters with a perfect shot on different exotic locations, this game is for you.

Mafia 2

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Mafia 2 is much like The Godfather and Goodfellas, where a war hero becomes a criminal in life with a dear friend. With a well planned, brutal, aggressive, and rich story, Mafia 2 offers excellent gameplay with a fast shooting and appealing story. Overall an enjoyable game with 4GB RAM on PC or laptop.

Driver: San Francisco

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Driver SF is the return of classic game knows as ‘Driver’ with much better graphics and an enhanced open world. With driving experience very similar to the real world in terms of shifting and controlling, Driver SF is fun to enjoy till the last mission.

Prince of Persia

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

This game is magical; many gamers claimed. As it put you in a flow that you rarely experience in a video game. Creative areas with breathtaking aura combine with excellent character animation keeps you entertain until a surprising end.

Saint Row 4

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Saint Row 4 is an open-world game, moves forward as gang uplifts their status to the next level as they become the leader of the world. With a spice of SCI-FI, consistent thrill, and badass powers, Saint Row 4 contains everything you need to enjoy a game.

Mass Effects 3

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Mass Effect 3 positively surprised a lot of gamers as It forces you to make tough decisions at difficult times. And sometimes, the consequence kicks you hard and effects emotionally. The story revolves around the main character, and the Mass Effect 3 entices you in his universe and inspires you to concern about his destiny.

Fifa Soccer 10

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Football is not just a game; its an emotion. Fifa 10 lets you select your favorite team and allow you with all the tactics to beat your rival. With sophisticated ball control, realistic positions, and attacking options FIFA 10 packs many elements of real-life football.

Grid Autosport

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

A great racing game about teams and rivals, where you are employed as a driver, specialized in certain elements, and you conquer other factors to beat your opponents. Overall, a solid racing game that can be brutal at times.

The Walking Dead

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Based on the book and TV series, TWD brings undead apocalypse and horrific choices you have to make to survive. Overall, TWD is an immensely engaging, emotionally compelling experience; makes it a turning point of storytelling and video game narrative.

Hitman Absolution

20 best games for 4Gb RAM PC and Laptop

Lastly, we have Hitman Absolution. Back in the time, this game received lots of criticism due to its limited approach compared to the previous game. But many enjoyed it as it leaves you with a map and let you figure out what to do next.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is GTA 5 compatible with 4GB of RAM?

In order to run GTA V with 4GB of RAM, there are some changes you need to make on your PC so you can run it on minimal settings. In addition to this, you will also need a simple standard GPU card to run the game; we recommend atleast 1-2 GB of GPU memory.

In case that your computer is not equipped with a GPU, the built-in GPU needs to be sufficient to support the game. For GTA V, the Intel 500 graphics is the optimal choice.

Is it possible to run PUBG directly without a GPU?

With PUBG Mobile, it is possible to play on a computer directly without a display card. In the case of PUBG PC, the game requires a compatible graphics card.

Is it necessary to have a graphic card to run the game?

The answer to this question depends wholly on the computer user and the game they are trying to play. In case the game is massive and the specs requirements are extreme, a dedicated graphics card is needed.

But don’t worry, as these days PC contain dedicated memory that is enough to handle even some of the most widely known games. It is important to note that PC and laptop games suitable for 4GB of RAM were designed, keeping in mind that the game should not require an external GPU.


All these games for 4GB RAM PC and Laptop we included above are fun to play. If you are a fan of fighting fan, you should go for the Assasins Creed series. If you like to play racing games, we recommend you to go for Grid Sport. If you are confused, PubG is always the way to go as its currently the most popular game.

We hope this list was useful for you and helped you find your next favourite game. Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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