20 Lightweight Games for 2GB RAM PC and Laptop

Not everyone is blessed with a PC with 16GB of RAM and the fastest GPUs. Sometimes 2GB of RAM and integrated graphics card is all we have.

In such a situation, it could be tough to find a game that runs smoothly on limited specifications. We understand how important this is, especially for someone who likes to play games.

Therefore, we decided to create a list of best lightweight games for 2GB RAM PC and laptops so that you can enjoy some cool games even on low-end computers.

20 Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Here is the list of all the games that low-end gamer can enjoy with just 2GB of ram and integrated graphics.

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ProtoType 1 & 2

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

In the past, a lot of us have sunk many hours of our life on this game. Even in this era, Prototype is still a fun game to play, and you can play it for hours without any sign of getting bored. If you like to play the Venom/Carnage game, this game is highly recommended.

However, if you decide to play one of both, many of the gamers feel prototype 1 is better than two and have a much better sequel. But in the end, it’s all about personal preference.


Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

GTA series is loved by almost every gamer. With a fantastic story and cool missions, this game is full of enjoyment. Even someone who has played this game in the past, still play it with the same excitement as earlier.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops 2

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

COD Black Ops 2 was released almost a decade ago. Anyone who likes to play shooting games is likely to have played COD. Even though the graphics performance of this game is not excellent, but still this game is ranked among the highest rated multi-player shooting.

Max Payne 3

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Max Payne 3 is known as one of the most underrated masterpieces. Although this game contains everything needed from an enjoyable game, it still couldn’t find the success it deserved. Most of those who have played it have positive things to say: a game full of brutal and satisfying gunplay.


Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Who doesn’t know about this game? The most popular game of the last decade. After Counter strike’s success, this brand has taken other steps and launched a much-advanced version known as CS GO. However, with a PC of 2GB RAM, you can still enjoy CS and spend many hours shooting enemies.

Need for Speed – Most Wanted

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Released almost 15 years ago, this lightweight game has remained most favorite racing game for many over the years. Even after so many years, most wanted is ranked as the best game of the NFS series. With cool car modification and amazing racing missions, this game certainly still worth playing.

Assasins Creed Brotherhood

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

A Great open-world action game that you can enjoy with 2GB of RAM. Assasins creed series consists of many sequels, and Brotherhood is third in the list. If you would like to know the complete story, it would be better to start with at least number two.

Resident Evil 4 & 5

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

At the time, when Resident Evil 4 was released, there was no game like it. Resident Evil is one of those series that single-handedly changed the course of the gaming industry. This game is a rollercoaster of action and horror with wild mix gameplay. When you are finished playing Resident Evil 4, you will have no reason not to enjoy Resident Evil 5 next.

Far Cry 3

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Far Cry series is full of great storylines and cool characters. However, In the FC series, Far Cry 3 is considered as best of all by many gamers. Therefore, it’s worth to try in low specs.

This game can run on 2GB of RAM, but the integrated graphics card might not be sufficient to play. You may need at least 512mb of additional graphics memory to play Far Cry 3.

Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Almost a decade older, NFS Hot Pursuit is still a great racing game to play. It includes everything a Hot Pursuit game should have: fast cars, scenic locations, and overall engaging gameplay. It’s safe to say; Hot Pursuit is one of the classics in Need for Speed series.

GTA Vice City

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

As the first game in the GTA series, Vice city set some high standards for upcoming games. And Rockstar games succeeded in impressing us with all GTA games. In 2020, GTA Vice City is still a great game to enjoy on 2GB RAM, as it is full of thrilling missions and exciting characters.


Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Overall a decent game, with gentle casual action and some good humor. Definitely, worth playing if you have ever been a fan of Dead Pool. However, some who have played claimed this game is a bit repetitive but still a pretty impressive game to enjoy on a low-end PC and laptops.


Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

No doubt about the quality level of this game, anyone who has played it, loved it. An action, role play game with full of interactive entertainment. A kid who moves forward, and during his journey, he fights different kinds of enemies. It sounds dull, but once you start playing, it attracts you in a way that you can’t stop playing.


Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

This game needs no explanation, definitely one of the popular games in gaming history. What makes this game so unique? The broad appeal of this game, Minecraft, can be enjoyed by a five-year-old kid who likes to slay zombies and destroy things and also 60 years old who can create an complex design and machines only a degree holder can understand. This game is perfect for all age groups.

GTA San Andreas

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

San Andreas is characterized as the best GTA game ever (some might disagree). When this game released in 2004, there was no game in the 3D universe; therefore, gamers immediately fall in love with San Andreas. Besides this, SA was full of fun things to do that no other game provided at that time. Overall a great storyline makes this game still worth playing in 2020, with just 2GB of ram and integrated graphics card.

West of Loathing

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

West of Loathing is entertaining at every moment. Mainly because the creator focused on humor and creativity, WOF makes you laugh and provide you with many happy moments. Overall, a unique RPG game that you can play on a very low-end PC.

Darkest Dungeon

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Darkest Dungeon is full of terror and madness. Overall a very polished game that made sure players enjoy every moment of it. With a long engaging storyline, this game can take weeks to end. Even with high-class quality and impressive gameplay, this game can smoothly run 2GB RAM and minimal PC specification.

X-Men Origins

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Although the movie is not known for good reasons, this game is weirdly fun to play. With multiple levels as the game progressed, wolverine killing enemies and everything else this game contains make it overall a cool game to play even in 2020.

Total Overdose

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

We can describe this game as a combination of GTA and Max Payne. Crazy fast, dynamic gunplay in an open city where a son seeks justice for his father’s murder makes it overall an excellent old-style adventure game. After the success of Total Overdose, Gamers were hoping for the release of Total Overdose 2. But, unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the company decided to close its door back in 2009.

Stardew Valley

Lightweight Games for 2gb ram pc and laptop

Not so popular, but anyone ever played this game liked it. Stardew Valley make you lose yourself in this classic game style. It’s all about taking care of your farm and build it up and you won’t realize how time run with this game. Overall a good calm game with so much fun.

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