How To Fix: Minecraft Microsoft PS4 SignIN Bug

If you are currently unable to log in to Minecraft using the Microsoft account, this article is especially for you.

You may notice this message on your screen, ‘ error’ when you fail to log in to Minecraft.

Don’t worry, this issue is pretty standard, and most Minecraft players have faced https //aka ms/remoteconnect error at some point.

Here in this guide, I have included all the information you need to tackle this problem so you can enjoy your favorite game again.

Let’s dig into it!

Who Do I See aka ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Error While Logging?

This error Https //aka ms/remoteconnect on Minecraft is a Bug usually occurs on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. This bug usually affects Minecraft players who try to play the game for the first time using the Microsoft account.

Because of this bug, you cannot log in with your Microsoft account to Minecraft. A constant error message such as https (aka ms/remoteconnect will alert you and ask to enter Microsoft Code.

According to many users, device change is the primary reason behind receiving the message https //aka ms/remoteconnect.

After all, players change their devices for a lack of features. But it has some drawbacks as well.

Assume that you want to switch from XBOX 360 to PS4, you probably have to deal with the Microsoft sign-in error.

In brief:

Crossplay is the reason that the https // remoteconnect occurs. In Minecraft, Crossplay is available, but you need a Microsoft account. This means, it is simply a matter of commands in Bedrock Editions now.

It is a mess, I know, as it removes the game’s most important assets. Unfortunately, the tokens are no longer accepted as well, and you can’t even buy something in the store.

How to Easily Fix https // Microsoft Sign in Error in Minecraft

To repair the https // of Microsoft bug is simple. To access it, all you need to do is get the code.

If you’re wondering what the code is, Relax, we are going to that part.

It is possible, you may have tried the codes and free DLC’s, but it didn’t work out. No need to panic; in this guide, you will also learn the way to use the code.

Below are the methods to fix https // remote connect issue in Minecraft.

Fix 1: Get the Microsoft Sign in Code of Minecraft

The Minecraft error code, as I said, only appears on PS4 accounts. Therefore, when you have a new Microsoft account, it will take a few attempts to access the game. At the same time you will also encounter Microsoft Sign in Error Code.

  • To get access, go to the Microsoft Code access page and bookmark the page with the help of a cell phone or PC.
  • Next, open the Minecraft Error Message display and take note of the code.
  • Then copy the code and paste it on the Microsoft page to another device.

This is called the Brute force method.

After you finish entering the code, you can access Microsoft and access the Minecraft Store.

Also, it allows you to get Microsoft coupon codes on selected websites.

Fix 2: Remove the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Data

  • Jump to Settings and then System Settings.
  • Then click on Storage and then Game Storage.
  • In-game Storage, you will discover two-game data files from Minecraft. 
  • Now you need to delete these two-game files and start over.

Try performing step-1 when you see the codes again.

Fix 3: Register a brand new Microsoft account

In case of a recent change of device, you may have to deal with this problem, primarily because of the Microsoft account. Using the Microsoft account on PS4 seems incompatible if you have used it on Xbox previously.

Therefore, in order to solve the https //aka ms remoteconnect bug, you should set up a completely new Microsoft account, similar to what you did while playing on XBOX.

To quickly fix the https // remoteconnect bug, just use the remote access function.

Alternatively, Minecraft Texture packages can be downloaded from the Minecraft store to solve this problem. Now, the question is, is it possible to visit the store?

I guess not. For this reason, I consider above step as the most significant to fix remoteconnect Sign in error in Ps4 Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.


Q1 – How come I need a Microsoft account on PS4 Bedrock Edition?

When playing Minecraft on PS4, a Microsoft account is optional. Actually, it provides a solution to connect to other players from different devices easily. To register a Microsoft account is entirely free and is required for Nintendo switch, enabling you to connect to the XBOX app or Android or PC.

Q2 – Is it possible to transfer DLC content to new versions in Minecraft? 

Yes all Minecraft Nintendo Switch DLC content is transferable to new versions of Minecraft. 

Q3 – Can you find friends using their Microsoft account in Minecraft?

Please follow these steps below to find all friends using a Microsoft account:

  • When the game starts, simply open the Friends tab and then click on Add Friends.
  • Now type your friend’s Microsoft Gamertag, and you will find them.

Final Words

Minecraft bedrock edition lacks many features when you face this sort of errors. It could be annoying and frustrate you as a player when you can’t play bedrock edition of Minecraft at its fullest.

We know Minecraft is a world of code, and when you can’t sign in as Microsoft user, you may not be able to enjoy other services such as cross-play and realms.

Unfortunately, DLCs or Minecraft packs cannot fix https // remoteconnect. Therefore we advise you to understand the above steps carefully before applying.

If you ever face any issue with any game or computer, please contact us and we’ll try our best to create a guide to resolve such an error for you.

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