How to Fix: Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

If you have a PC that you use majorly for gaming, you must be aware of Discord’s app. This app has been designed especially for gamers for a better gaming experience.

But as the app keeps getting new updates and many new features are added for the improvement or to remove any bugs, there are several issues that one might face.

One such issue that many users have faced and reported is the Discord awaiting endpoint error.

There are several ways to solve this issue, and some of them are mentioned as follows.

What is Discord?

To find the solution to all Discord’s problem, you need first to understand a couple of things. The first one among them is what Discord is, and why do gamers need it?

Discord is a platform through which gamers can have a gaming experience like they are playing on the same computer while sitting at their own home.

 It works by connecting each other by using video calling, voice calling, text messaging, and audio messaging.

Not only that, but you can also make your own channel in which visitors from all over the world will come and comment on your gaming.

That is why it is one of the most preferred platforms for gamers who want to use live streaming options during gaming. Apart from showing them your game, you can also ask them questions and queries when they visit your channel.

The Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error – What it is?

Now that you know what Discord is, it will be easier for you to understand the awaiting endpoint error in Discord.

Many users that use Discord have reported this issue frequently. The main problem with this error is, it will not allow you to connect to Discord; therefore, users claimed this error is more of a network issue.

When the gamers, visitors, and servers cannot connect with each other, you will come across this issue.

There can be several reasons for this issue. The first one is likely to be Discord’s servers are not working or are down due to some reason.

Another reason for this error is that you might not be able to connect to the server. But if this is the issue, as soon as the servers are back, you will be connected to the servers, and the problem will go away.

How to fix Discord awaiting endpoint error?

If you are trying to resolve the connectivity issues, you can try many ways to solve it.

As explainer earlier, the connectivity issue will resolve on its own as soon as servers are back up, and you won’t have to do anything.

But if due to some reason, you are in a hurry and want the issue to resolve as soon as possible, here are some of the tips that you will find quite helpful to resolve the Discord awaiting endpoint error.

Fix 1: Change your Server Region

As explained earlier, the most common reason for this error is that the server that you are trying to connect to might be down.

Therefore, if that is the case, you can get connected by changing the region of your server. That is because you will be connected with a server of another area that is still up and running.

Some regions are available on Discord to which you can connect. To change your area, follow the steps that are mentioned here.

  1. Go to your Discord platform.
  2. Next, go to Settings.
  3. Now locate and go to Server Settings and click on Overview.
  4. You can change the server location from here.

Now check if you can connect to Discord to find out whether the issue has resolved.

Fix 2: Check your Wi-Fi Settings

Another reason why you might be facing a connectivity issue and getting the awaiting endpoint error on Discord could be the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Therefore, to solve the issue, you might need to reconfigure your Wi-Fi.

To see if your Wi-Fi is working properly, you can go to any other website or try connecting to any other service from the browsers on your computer.

If nothing is working, then it means the problem is with your Wi-Fi. In many cases, simply rebooting the modem and the router might solve the issue.

But if that is not working either, then the best thing you can do is check the admin section present on the network dashboard and change all the settings back to the default setting.

Fix 3: Reinstall Discord

If none of the methods mentioned above work and you still can not resolve the Discord awaiting endpoint error, the only thing left for you to do is reinstall Discord.

As soon as you reinstall the Discord, any corrupted files will be replaced, and all the issues will be resolved.

To do that, the first thing you need to do is install the latest discord version. When it is downloaded, uninstall the older version that you are using on your computer.

There are various tools available that can help you in completely uninstalling the software and deleting all the associated files as well.

Once it has been completely removed from your computer, reinstall Discord and see if the issue has been resolved.

We hope that with the help of this guide, you will solve the Discord awaiting endpoint error on your computer without taking any professional service.

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