How to Fix: Discord Keeps Crashing Issue

Many people prefer to communicate with their friends and like-minded people through Discord.

Undoubtedly, Discord is a platform for all kinds of communication, from educational to gaming, etc.

Discord focuses on image, video, audio, and text communications. The functionality and extraordinary features of Discord made it one of today’s favorite communication app for gaming.

Users can create their own private password-secured channels of communication or even public channels within this application. Channel moderators will then send invitations to users that might be interested in joining a particular channel. This intriguing platform of communication was originally just designed for gamers.

Discord served to help gamers communicate better. However, ever since December of 2018, 200 million users of diverse backgrounds sprang up and started using this unique application.

Now it is used as a means of communication between people of similar interests to discuss issues in their own, undisturbed element.

Users can join different groups that will be used to discuss a single topic like DIY or anime. However, with the increase in the number of users on Discord, there has been an increase in the number of crashes.


Many internal and functional issues may be causing your Discord client to freeze or crash momentarily. However, determining all these issues is not just a challenge but sometimes even impossible.

However, here are a few reasons why your Discord might be crashing:

1. Due To Key Binds:

Key binds are the keyboard shortcuts that are used by any application. Sometimes when more than one application running in the background has the same key binds, it might cause certain issues and even crash your applications.

2. Compatibility Mode:

The issue is very common in compatibility mode. It can spring up when the App is having compatibility issues.

3. Hardware Acceleration:

This feature improves the performance and overall experience on the App. However, sometimes it might prove too heavy or too much for the discord application and cause it to crash and freeze.

Fix: Discord Keeps Crashing Issue:

Here are a few ways that you can fix these issues:

Fix 1: Disable Hardware Applications:

The hardware acceleration feature is the Discord application feature that enables the Graphic processing Unit to be in charge of the graphics and texts that serve to make your conversations with your peer more expressive and improve your overall experience on Discord.

However, during many instances, crashing is linked with the instant enabling during startup. Here is how you can fix it.

  1. Go to the discord client and then go to settings
  2. Select the appearance from the left window.
  3. In the Right panel, you will find the button under the Advanced section, turn it off.

Fix 2: Enable Legacy Mode:

If your discord server is crashing, particularly when you use your microphone, speaker, or any other audio device, it is recommended to use the disabling legacy mode method. With this, you will have a better voice and video interaction.

  1. Move to the Discord Setting.
  2. Go to the left panel and select the video and voice tab
  3. In the right panel, Go to the drop-down menu of the AudioSubSystem option and chose the legacy mode.
How To Fix: Discord Keeps Crashing Issue

After that, do not forget to click and apply and save the change to see the software’s reaction.

Fix 3: Turn Off Compatibility Mode:

Most experts would rule out the crashing of the discord app with the Compatibility mode. The majority of the time, the compatibility mode has something to do with your application’s crashing. Here is how to disable it.

  1. Firstly, close the discord app completely
  2. Right-click the desktop option, and then you can select properties
  3. Switch the Compatibility tab and uncheck the Run this program in Compatibility mode for option.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save the change that you have made

Fix 4: Delete Discord Cache:

If the discord files and caches are corrupted, you are likely to have a problem with Discord crashing. You can easily solve this issue by going to Discord and deleting the cache files.

Many new users fear that this will delete their records or cause other changes and problems. However, this is not the case because the next time you open the discord client, it will be recreated as it were. Here is how to disable discord Cache:

How To Fix: Discord Keeps Crashing Issue
Image 2
  1. Shut down the discord client and press Windows + E, and you will land yourself on File explorer
  2. Now, you need to copy and paste %AppData%/discord in the address bar, and then you can press enter.
  3. Under the discord option, you can delete both discord cache and local storage folders. (Follow image 2 and 3)
How To Fix: Discord Keeps Crashing Issue
Image 3

After completing these steps, you can restart Discord. You will not be facing the same problem again.

Fix 5: Reinstall Discord:

Reinstalling is the last resort you can go for when all else has failed. Reinstalling your Discord will eliminate any operational issues with your client and allow you to operate the software without any troubles. Here is how to reinstall the App:

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run Dialogue option.
  2. Then you can input the appwiz.cpl and click OK to open all the programs and features option.
  3. Choose Discord and click the Uninstall button to remove the current discord program.
  4. Input the %AppData% in Run dialogue, and then you can press the Enter button.
  5. You can then right-click the discord folder and select Delete to remove all the related data from your desktop.
  6. Now go to the official discord website to install the latest version of the Discord application and follow all the instructions to get it up and running on your desktop.

When all is done, you can open the discord client and check if it is free from the same issue.

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