How To Fix: Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

Minecraft is filled with numerous exciting features, from creating and building items, may they be little or large, to having long hours of gameplay with their peers -it doesn’t come off as too much of a surprise that it has its own fair share of malfunctions once in a blue moon. 

Minecraft sometimes can face multiple types of errors like LAN Not Working On Minecraft, Minecraft Not Responding Issue, or Internal Server Error.

Here we are going to talk about a specific error that is known as “OpenGL Error 1281”

But before we begin it’s important to know about the function of “OpenGL” in Minecraft. It’s a setting that can help the game run more smoothly by reducing the weight of rendering from your computer’s GPU.

This option is enabled on default, so you get the best experience while playing but this also indicates that users may face “OpenGL Error” more often.

If you have encountered this error, you do not need to worry, as we have created this troubleshooting guide to solve this issue within a few steps.

Just sit back and follow these solutions we have compiled!

What is the reason behind ‘OpenGL Error 1281’ in Minecraft?

Most of the users like to play Minecraft in a fully modded way. But this can also cause some issues when conflict occurs by some of the modules and eventually your game gets affected. After some research, we managed to find possible reasons behind the “OpenGL Error” that are mentioned here.

  1. Non-Updated Graphics Driver
  2. Shaders
  3. Non-Updated Java Version
  4. Non-Updated Optifine
How To Fix: Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

How To Fix: Minecraft “OpenGL Error 1281”?

Here we will fix the above issues in a step by step process. However, before you begin troubleshooting steps to resolve “OpenGL Error 1281” we recommended restarting your computer first. Let’s begin!

Fix 1: Update Graphics Driver

A faulty or outdated graphics card driver might be the cause of this error. The job of the graphics driver is to efficiently display the game. Sometimes, the malfunction is due to an old driver. In such cases, you must update or fix the faulty or outdated graphics card driver. The driver can be upgraded manually. Here are steps to do it:

  1. First, make sure you have Windows 10 installed on your computer as it’s the recommended OS by Microsoft for Minecraft.
  2. Once you have Windows 10 downloaded, you can find the correct driver and install it manually from the manufacturers’ website.
  3. If your card is Nvidia: Download Nvidia driver here.
  4. If your card is AMD made: Download the AMD driver here.

Fix 2: Disabling Mods Temporarily

Mods are well-known to provide gamers with an improved and brilliant gaming experience when they are enabled. However, they could also be the reason behind this ‘not responding’ issue. Thus, they must be disabled. Here are the steps to disable them:

  1. If you have a game launcher such as Forge installed, disable them through it.
  2. If you do not have a game launcher installed, add ‘.disabled’ at the end of the mods’ filename.
  3. You can also move the folder which contains the mods from the Minecraft directory to another directory.
  4. Restart your computer and see if the issue persists.

Note: Do not worry about getting your mods back when you want them, as you can easily get them back by deleting the ‘. disabled’ suffix or moving them back to the Minecraft directory!

Another common error we fixed is “Connection Refused: No Further Information”.

Fix 3: Update Java Version

Java develops Minecraft, which is quite a well-known fact. Java files usually come along with Minecraft when you download and install the game. The OpenGL Error 1281 could be caused by an outdated or missing Java file on your PC.  Follow these steps to overcome this problem:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Minecraft. Usually, you will get the latest Java and Minecraft version this way.
  2. You can also manually download it from Official Java Website.

Fix 4: Upgrade OptiFine for Minecraft

Do you know what is OptiFine? Well, it is basically a mod that boosts the FPS for the game and augments performance in the game. However, it could also lead to this issue. One solution could be updating OptiFine. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. You can visit this page to open the download center.
  2. Now, you need to download the latest version of OptiFine.
  3. Then follow the onscreen instructions to finish installing.
  4. Go on and restart your computer.
  5. Launch Minecraft and check if the error persists.
How To Fix: Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

Fix 5:  Try disabling Show GL Errors

There is an option in the game which permits disabling such errors. Disabling it could be of quite some use! Here are the steps:

  1. Click Options in Minecraft.
  2. Go to Video Settings and click on it.
  3. Go to Others.
  4. Go and click on Show GL Errors and proceed to turn it off.
  5. Go on and save the setting.
  6. Restart the game.
How To Fix: Minecraft OpenGL Error 1281

Errors are part of the game and may continue being there when Minecraft keeps improving and becoming better than before. “OpenGL Error” is also one such issue, that we managed to fix in this guide.

If none of this issue fixed this issue, you may consider reinstalling Minecraft. Unfortunately, Minecraft native launcher can cause some errors in that case. We recommend you to install manually by visiting the official Minecraft website.

If you’re facing any issue with any game or computer, please contact us and we’ll try our best to create a guide to resolve such an error for you.

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