How to Fix: Roblox Error Code 267 Easily

You may not feel good when you are in the middle of your Roblox game, and suddenly an unusual error arises. I am specifically talking about Roblox error code 267.

Roblox can face multiple kinds of errors; for this reason, we created a series of guides to resolve all Roblox errors. 

Previously we discussed how you can fix Roblox Error Code 260. In this article, we are going to provide you all solutions to resolve Roblox Error Code 267.

The steps that we conclude here may seem technical, but if you follow each step carefully, I assure you will be able to perform them with ease. 

Before we begin fixing, let’s find out a little more about Roblox Error Code 267.

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 267

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What is Roblox error Code 267?

Roblox error 267 arises when you are playing a game, and Roblox robots spot you using illegal methods and ways that Roblox doesn’t allow.

Well, you can fool a human in this game, but you can’t fool a robot. Roblox is very clever and can easily discover and react to this kind of wrongdoings.

Therefore, whenever a user is caught doing something illegal, they immediately get Roblox Error Code 267 and may also get kicked out of the game.

If you are also facing a similar situation, Don’t worry; this is not the end of the world, as this error is 100% fixable.

All you need to do is read this article carefully and follow the instructions one by one.

How To Confirm Roblox Error Code 267?

As mentioned earlier, a Roblox error arises because you have played a game illegally or in unlawful ways.

Therefore a box on your screen will appear saying that you’re disconnected from the game. Kindly try to reconnect. Even after a hundred tries, if your screen shows the same notification, know that it is the Roblox error 267.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 267?

No need to worry or stress if you’re facing Roblox error 267. With the help of this article, you will be able to remove the Roblox error.

Fix 1: use google chrome as the default browser.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser by Roblox. If you are using any other browser, we advise you to switch to chrome to immediately avoid several errors.

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 267

You can visit this link to download chrome. Once it is downloaded, just run the file, and it will automatically install on your computer.

Fix 2: Reset your browser Setting.

This is perhaps one of the most important steps in fixing all kinds of Roblox errors.

Resetting your chrome browser can save you from many problems, including Roblox Error Code 267.

Here’s how you can do it on chrome.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More  Settings.
  3. At the bottom, click Advanced.
  4. Chromebook, Linux, and Mac: Under “Reset Settings,” click Restore settings to their original defaults and then Click Reset Settings.
  5. Windows: Under “Reset and cleanup,” click Reset Settings.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection.

Roblox is an online game that requires a stable Internet connection. Therefore, you must keep a check on your internet connection. A poor internet connection will lead to malfunctioning of the game.

You will see that when the error arises, it will say that you are disconnected, and you immediately get kicked out of the game. 

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 267

Disconnection directly means that your internet connection is unstable or slow, and you need to switch to a better connection to avoid this problem.

For a single-use household, Roblox recommends a minimum of 4-8 Mb/s internet connection. In larger households, greater bandwidth is advisable. You can check your bandwidth at the speed test website.

You can also witness Roblox Error Code 6 when your internet is poor.

Fix 4: Verification of the browser’s security settings

You need to make sure that your browser security system allows Roblox to work without any trouble. If it blocks your game, you may get Roblox Error Code 267.

Therefore, you must check your security settings before playing on chrome.

Don’t worry; you can always change your browser security settings easily.

Fix 5: Disable Adblockers.

We know that adblockers are actually of great use, and they keep you away from all the irritation caused by the number of ads shown on your screen every second.

However, these ad blockers are a major reason behind the occurrence of Roblox error 267. To save your software from this error, it’s important to disable all the ad blockers before you start playing the game.

Follow these steps to disable chrome extensions.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser
  • On the top right, you have three vertical dots. Click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu, click More Tools and then Extensions.
  • Now, Disable Adblocker or similar extension.
How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 267

What to do if Roblox Error Code 267 still Not Fixed?

It could be possible that the above-mentioned solutions might not work for some of you. It’s unlikely, but since anything is possible, you should stay prepared for an ultimate solution.

Final Fix: Bypass Roblox game

If you’re witnessing the same error again and again despite trying all the above-mentioned solutions, the only way left would be to bypass the game itself.

For that, you will have to uninstall the game and reinstall the updated and new version. If nothing else works, this particular solution definitely will.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does error code 267 mean?

The main reason behind the occurrence of this error is the insertion of illegal scripts. Doing so will trigger Roblox error code 267, and you may face a permanent ban for illegal activity.

2. What Does error code 279 Mean?

Roblox error 279 occurs due to the connectivity issue. The main reason behind could be poor server connection or firewall blocking the game.

3. What does Error Code 260 Mean?

ROBLOX Error Code 260, also commonly known as the connection error code. It occurs whenever the ROBLOX servers are unable to retrieve any data from the internet.

4. Why Am I Facing Roblox connection Problem?

Roblox connecting issue or connection failed problem occurs with either Error 260 and Error 262. When Roblox fails to send the packet through the internet, you get Error 260.

On the other hand, you get Error 262 when Roblox fails to receive the packet.


Fixing the Roblox error 267 itself is not very technical and complicated at all. Once you learn all the hacks, it will become like a piece of cake to fix your problems.

With the help of these solutions, you can now enjoy your Roblox game for as long as you want without any problems.

If you ever face any issue with any game or computer in the future, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to create a guide to resolve such an error for you.

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