How to Fix: Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure Issue

Roblox is an exciting platform where users can not only play online games but also interact with various players worldwide. 

Since Roblox packs many features, users also experience many errors while playing. These errors are quite common and can occur at any time.

That is why you must know how to deal with them so whenever you face any issue, you can fix it on your own.

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure
ID = 17: Connection Attempt failed

We have created guides on all Roblox errors. We previously show you how to fix Fix: Roblox Error Code 277 and now we are going to discuss Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure.

Roblox error 279 ID=failure is a kind of issue that needs the attention of all gamers. 

Before we begin fixing, let’s find out why  Roblox error 279 ID=failure occurs and why you are facing it on your computer.

What is Roblox error code 279 ID= failure?

ROBLOX Error code 17 is a connection error that blocks the user from connecting to the game server.

ROBLOX players regularly see this type of random error. They also reported these bugs, but Roblox still faces this issue.

Whenever your ROBLOX game fails to load, you are likely to encounter an error stating that the game connection failed and you may get ID = 17: Connection attempt failed, Error code 279.

Are you wondering how you will know if the game is loading or not? 

Here is the answer.

It contains a few signs most of the time, so it is easy for you to understand that you are dealing with ID = 17: Connection attempt failed, Error code 279.

Possible signs are as:

  1. Screen taking longer than usual to load.
  2. The screen will never stop loading when you begin the game.
  3. Roblox automatically shut down.
  4. Roblox states they are closed.


Whenever a user internet blocks the Roblox server, because of a firewall or poor internet connection, the user is likely to face Connection attempt failed, Error code 279.

That’s not the only reason; the user can also face this error when the Roblox server is under downtime.

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure

Roblox Error Code 17 is the worst kind of error, as you may also lose your game progress, and your saved file may delete permanently.

We can fix this issue with the below methods. But before that, See the possible culprits behind error code 17.

  1. Windows Firewall: Most of the Roblox errors are usually related to Windows Firewall, as it blocks your computer from connecting to the Roblox server.
  2. Huge Game: Good Internet connection is required to run things smoothly when you play a big game. If you have a poor internet connection that cannot fulfil the bandwidth demand to run the game, you are likely to face connection error.
  3. Empty Game: In case the game is taking a while to load, you may wait. But when you’ve waited longer than usual, the game is likely to be empty. So in such a situation, we recommend to join some other game and leave the empty one.

Follow this solution if you ever face Roblox Error Code 610.

How to fix: Roblox error code 279 ID= failure

This information can help you fix and get rid of Roblox error code 279. There are many other articles that cover different Roblox errors and their hacks. You can go through them as well for a better understanding of all Roblox errors.

Fix 1: Set google chrome as your default browser

Many Roblox users claimed they face less error when they use google chrome. Mainly because chrome understands these issues, and mostly fix them in the background without creating any trouble for the user.

If you are using any unsupported browser, you may face several errors, including Roblox error 279 ID=failure.

That is why Google Chrome should always be your default browser whenever you want to play Roblox.

You can set it as default with these steps:

  • On your computer, click the Start menu.
  • Click the Settings Gear icon on the left.
  • Open your default apps by clicking on  Default apps.
  • At the bottom, under “Web browser,” click your current browser.
  • In the “Choose an app” window, click Google Chrome.

Fix 2: Check your internet connection

ROBOX is an online game; that needs a steady Internet connection. In order to run things smoothly, you must have secure and stable internet access. A bad Internet connection will lead to a game malfunction.

You will see that when the Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure appears, it may state that you are disconnected, and suddenly you get kicked out of the game.

Immediate disconnection like this means your Internet connection is weak or slow, that is why you need to switch on a better connection to avoid this problem in future.

For a single-user house, Roblox demands a minimum Internet connection of 4-8 Mb/s. In larger homes, you need atleast 10Mb/s of bandwidth. You can check your internet speed at the speed test website.

Fix 3: Disable Your browser extensions

Browser extensions like ad-blocker or other similar extensions are likely to be the reason behind this error.

Adblockers block Roblox ads which are against Roblox rules. What happens then, Roblox automatically detects adblocker and blocks you from connecting to the server.

That is why we advise you to disable AdBlock when you are playing. Because it will not only crash your game, but you may get a lifetime ban too.

How To Fix: Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure

To disable your extension, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the Three Verticals Dot on the top right.
  3. Click on more tools.
  4. Then, click on the extension to open all extensions list.
  5. Disable Adblock just by toggling to OFF side.
  6. Restart your Chrome browser

Note: Chrome saves your old tabs and opens them when your browser restarts.

Fix 4: Turn off your firewall

Firewall blocks Roblox from launching, and therefore Roblox causes various errors.

Many users reported when they turn off the Firewall; they manage to fix Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure.

That is why we advise you to turn off the Firewall and see if the issue gets resolved.

Follow these steps to do it (Windows 10):

  • Click on the Start button
  • Then, click on the Settings Gear Icon on the left.
  • You will see Update & Security, click on it. 
  • After that, click on Windows Security. 
  • Once you see Firewall & network protection, click on it to open Windows Security settings
  • There, Select a network profile.
  • Under Microsoft Defender Firewall, switch the setting to Off
  • Apply and save these changes and restart your computer.

Disabling firewall may also help to stop Roblox unauthorized error 524.

Fix 5: Open Necessary Ports

This problem may also occur when the necessary port range for Roblox is not open on your network. If that happens, you will have to port forward them and make them open for use, so Roblox can easily connect without any trouble.

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Login to your router with admin ID and Pass.
  2. Then, you will need to go to Port Forwarding.
  3. There, you need to enter the IP address of your computer and enter the 49152–65535 port range.
  4. Don’t forget to select UDP as the protocol.
  5. Once you are done with the above step, Restart your router.
  6. Examine if the problem is solved.

Fix 6: Disable Third-Party anti virus Software

Antivirus stops your computer from launching many games, including Roblox.

If you are using any antivirus software including a free one, please disable it and problem such as Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure likely to get fixed.

If the problem still occurs after disabling, you can restart your antivirus program again. But we recommend keeping it disabled when you are playing on Roblox.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I fix error code 769 and 762 on Roblox?

If you get a 772 error or 769 error is not fixed, it may help to reinstall the Game Manager and/or tweak your firewall settings.

In case you are asked to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player along with a 769 error, you should download the Flash Player content debuggers. Then restart your computer and reinstall your game.

2. What is Error 268 on Roblox?

Error 268 occurs when a user is kicked out of the game and forced to join another server. This can occur due to general connection problems, and in some cases, when you use exploits or have a long delay.

3. What is error code 529 in Roblox?

Error code 529 occurs when Roblox servers are down or slow. It can also appear on the mobile phone when a player’s internet connection is disabled before playing the game.

Final words:

While playing your favorite Roblox game, you can witness several kinds of errors. For this reason, we created this series to fix all Roblox errors so you can play this game without any trouble, and whenever you face an error, you may quickly fix it.

This article on fixing Roblox Error Code 279 ID=17 Failure is also part of the series, and we hope this guide managed to fix this issue for you.

Please let us know in the comments below which method works the best for you.

If you ever face any issue with any game or computer in the future, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to create a guide to resolve such an error for you.

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