How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord

Discord is a famous VOIP app. It is very popular among the gaming community due to several amazing features.

Most importantly, It allows you to make strategies with your friends, play together by using voice and video sharing, and enhance the gameplay considerably.

Due to the features of voice and video chat, many other people use this app as well.

Social Media:

Some people have online channels on various social media websites, especially YouTube, to share their gaming experience with other gamers.

Therefore, if you are looking to create your channel, then this guide is for you.

Creating an online channel is very easy, and you can have your Discord gaming channel up and running by following some simple steps.

With the help of this channel, all your friends and viewers can join your gaming experience simply by clicking on the server that will be available for anyone who wants to see you.

Discord also allows you to make a default welcome message, and there are some simple steps through which you can make your welcome message neat for anyone who joins your channel.

This message always pops up when anyone enters your channel and welcomes them. There are various customization options so you can customize it the way you want to.

Apart from being displayed for everyone, you can also add a feature to open it up for a specific person.

Make A Welcome Channel in Discord:

There are tons of ways to make a Discord welcome channel that also displays a welcome message.

Firstly, you need to have basic Java knowledge. The reason for that is that you will need to script a bot that will display the message.

But for that, your computer will have to run always so the bot displays message whenever someone joins your channel.

This is quite a difficult and complicated option. There is another way which is quite simpler as compared to the one mentioned above.

So instead of creating a bot, you can simply use them. With the help of the steps mentioned below, you can have your own channel up and running very easily.

You can also follow this video guide to create discord welcome channel.

Step 1: Create a channel

In the first step, you will have to open the Discord app on your computer. Once you have done that, select your server and then right-click on it. Then click on “Create a channel” as shown below.

How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord

Step 2: Assign a name to your channel

Now you need to give a name to your channel. You can choose any name of your choice. After typing in the name, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Select the Create channel option (as shown below).
  2. If you want that only the people who have received the link from you to your channel can see it, you should also need to enable the Private option.
  3. If you do not enable the Private option, then anyone can see your channel. 
How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord

Step 3: Personalize your channel

Once you have done all the steps mentioned above, your channel is all set up.

Now you need to go to MEE6. With the help of this dashboard, you can give various types of creative styles to your channel.

You also can assign roles to the members, generate commands, or add different types of messages. Now you have all the control over your channel.

If you want to make a welcome channel on Discord, all you need to do is sign up here. There are several other platforms as well that you can use. They also offer more or less the same features as this one.

Once you are done signing up, you need to go to the option that says “plugins” and then click on “enable” on the welcome feature. With the help of this feature, you can give anyone that joins your channel a warm welcome.

How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord

Step 4: Select a welcome message.

Now you can select the automated welcome message that you want everyone to see when they enter your channel. But to do that, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Click on your channel to select it.
  2. Write a personalized message that you want everyone to see when they enter your channel.
  3. You can also toggle to write a more personalized private message that you want to be delivered only to selected members.
  4. Once you have registered the message, click on the Save button to save changes.
How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord

Step 5: Open Discord to see if it is working

Now you need to open the Discord app and go to your channel. As soon as you enter it, the welcome message will pop up. Here is how it will look to you.

How To Make A Welcome Channel In Discord

This is the entire method you need to follow to make your welcome channel in Discord, which you want to be visible to everyone that enters your channel.

With the method mentioned above, you can easily set up a welcome channel on Discord or use the bots that are already available to display the welcome message.

But as mentioned earlier, if you use a bot, you will need your computer to run 24/7 to receive the welcome message whenever someone enters your channel. You can use bots as moderators for your channel if you do not have someone who can take up the role of moderator on your channel.

We hope that you face no difficulty setting up your welcome channel in Discord with the help of this guide.

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