Is Windows Defender Good Enough For Windows 10 in 2021?

Countless threats are unleashed daily, Is windows defender good enough in 2020? We will discover the answer with the research of AV-Test below.

What is the Function of Windows Defender?

Is Windows Defender Good Enough For Windows 10 In 2020

Windows Defender is an anti-malware program offered explicitly on Windows 10. However, it’s is not the first anti-malware program that Microsoft offers to its users.

In the past, Microsoft Security Essentials was available for Windows 7 and Windows XP in later updates.

In Windows 10, the Windows defender plays a vital role in securing the computer, which means even on a fresh installation, PC is automatically on protect mode by default.

But considering several threats unleashed every day – is windows defender good enough in 2020? let’s find out.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

Is Windows Defender Good Enough For Windows 10 In 2020

Microsoft Defender test results (2019-2020)

To accurately evaluate the quality of Microsoft Defender, we decide to go through the test results of three studies from march 2019 to February 2020.

These studies were carried out by and AV comparatives. (February 2020)

The latest test, conducted in February 2020 by, was based on three essential factors. Protection, performance and Useability.

Windows Defender scored 96% in protection. If we take a look at results from January – Windows Defender scored 99.5%. Which means Protection capacity has reduced significantly with newer threats.

However, In Performance and Useability, Microsoft Defender secured full marks. You can take a look at the complete test here.

Avast and AVG scored highest – Source. (October 2019)

The second result we have is also from It carried out in October 2019.

In this test, Microsoft Defender scored 99.5% in protection, which means that Microsoft Defender blocked almost every malware and virus.

BitDefenderKaspersky and Norton scored highest.

AV Comparatives (October 2019)

After, we analyzed test result of AV comparatives – An independent reliable and recognized testing agency.

They tested 16 top anti-viruses included Windows defender between July and October 2019.

To get the most accurate results, over 700 test situation was created to evaluate how often anti-virus blocks malware and when a wrong signal occurs.

Norton and Avira managed to eliminate 100% threats in this test. Bitdefender, ESET and F-Secure managed to rank third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Microsoft Defender ranked in the middle of all at 17th spot.

Although Defender successfully blocked 99.3% threats, there were also 58 false alerts – highest by any on this test.

An earlier test of AV comparatives in September 2019, also put Microsoft defender between those with most false alerts.

This test concludes that Windows Defender performs actively against several kinds of threats – but create many false threats which could baffle you as a consumer – Source.

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Advantages Of Windows Defender

Windows Defender is FREE; most of the time, this reason is more than enough to use something.

But that’s not the only thing; we covered several  reasons below that windows defender packs so that you can be fully aware of the capability of this program.

User-Friendly Program

Windows Defender’s main strength is its quiet operation in the background. Even during updates, it automatically installs them without you even knowing about it. And only shows its presence when any threats affect your computer.

The good thing is, it removes threats automatically, and you don’t have to take any step. Such ability makes windows Defender an overall User-friendly program.

Contain Advanced Features

Many still feel defender is just low-end program which is just built-in OS and doesn’t perform as good as any other anti-malware software. That’s not the case, defender contain loads of feature inside to protect windows.

Cloud Based Protection – Feature that helps windows to understand new threats. When a new threat occur Windows Defender quickly send update to Windows, and they create detection rules for all Windows users.

Offline Scanning – when computer is unable to remove malware while it is running, Defender offline scanning comes in handy. As it automatically restart your computer, detect and remove all kind of virus prior to the loading screen.

Limited Periodic Scan – If you plan to use another anti-malware software on your computer, you can always turn on limited periodic scanning. This will create an extra layer of protection behind the main anti-malware.

Every week, Windows Defender detects millions of threats on different computer, even on those running other anti-malware.

Which Anti-virus Should I Use Beside Windows Defender?

Countless time PC experts discussed and written about anti-malware scanners on Internet and tech magazine. But most of those research only comes down to the fact that ‘Program X’ can detect many more viruses than others.

But what about removing a discovered virus? In such a situation, several anti-malware fail dramatically. Not always because the program is unable to eradicate it, sometimes due to the complicated instructions.

In fact, as a computer user, such an anti-virus program leaves you out in the cold. Because you expected them not only to recognize viruses but also to remove them for you.

Fortunately, few numbers of anti-malware can do exactly what you want.

One of them is Norton – Norton Anti-virus always makes every effort to help its users wherever possible and provide the necessary resources to help remove complicated virus infections.

Other reliable anti-malware programs are KasperskyAvast and Bitdefender.

However, you can only expect such service from a paid subscription, which you have to renew every year.

Can I Use Free Anti-Virus?

Is Windows Defender Good Enough For Windows 10 In 2020

It is advisable to download free anti-virus programs to protect your computer. But if your computer accidentally gets infected by a virus, you will see they are only useful at scanning.

Free software neatly reports that a virus has occurred, but then leaves the user in the dark. Sometimes, they confuse users to such an extent that user remain in doubt whether the virus still persists or removed automatically.

That’s not good. But it can be worse when Cyber-criminals take advantage of the popularity of free anti-virus.

They offer an anti-virus program that works like a paid version, but it’s available for free. What happens next when the users download and install such programs, they discover the program itself is a virus.

Therefore, for free anti-virus programs, always prefer software that is known, has many satisfied users, and has been tested by AV test.

And always download them from the manufacturer’s website.

Some of the powerful free anti-virus programs are:

In many cases, free anti-virus is a stripped-down version of a paid version from the same manufacturer.

They often attempt to entice you to buy the paid version of the program through pop-ups and other annoying ways.

If you can live with that, then free anti-virus is fine to use.


If we examine research above, we discover that in 2020 Windows defender protection capability has reduced as compared to the previous year, which is a sign of concern for users relying on Windows Defender ability. Perhaps with future Windows updates, we discover some improvement. For the time being, you can always use a new anti-virus as primary, and let Windows Defender serve as an extra layer of protection for your computer.

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