What is Roblox Admin Commands: Best 30 Commands List Included

Roblox is one of the biggest online gaming platforms that allow gamers to play wondrous games and interact with other players. 

Not only this, you can create your own game and unleash amazing stuff with the help of Roblox admin commands. 

Using these commands could be technical and may take time. The best part is that this article will guide you thoroughly on using these commands and how you can use them for free.

But before we begin, let’s find out a little more these Roblox admin commands.

What Is Roblox Admin Command: Best 20 Commands List Included

Roblox admin Commands: How Do They Work?

ROBLOX Admin Commands are codes that you can type in the game chat box to execute cool things.

I will not give you false hopes; these commands are not easy to redeem and require a lengthy procedure to follow.

However, Once you manage to redeem them, you can have fun with other players and mess with them as much as you want.

You are probably thinking, how can you retrieve these commands, and are those for free?

Yes, they are free, but the game admin needs to allow players to use codes. Without permission, you cannot use any command, basically using codes change the game scripts and only an admin can approve it.

Don’t worry. In this article, I will guide you to every way to redeem these commands and use them for free. Moreover, I also included some of the free commands you can use to do cool stuff.

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How to become Admin and Get Admin badge?

One of the most straightforward ways to use Roblox admin commands is to be the game’s admin.

Luckily, every player can get the admin badge if they follow certain steps.

If you’re wondering what those steps are, don’t worry as I will explain everything below that will help you become the admin of the game.

To Become Roblox Admin: What Do I Do?

All Roblox users aspire to become admins, as it allows them to explore tons of Roblox commands so they can enjoy the game on a whole new level.

Keep in mind, even if you managed to get game admin approval to use commands, you can still fully play with them without becoming an admin.

Now you get the idea, and it’s simple. For using Roblox admin commands, either you need an administrator’s approval or need to become admin yourself. There’s no other option.

What Is Roblox Admin Command: Best 20 Commands List Included

We will discuss here how you can become an admin. Here is how:

  1. The first step is weird. You can become an admin of the Roblox game if you work for Roblox. I know it sounds impossible for many; therefore, try the method below. 
  2. Try to Play ROBLOX games that allow Admin access. Once you become the ROBLOX Administrator of a game, you can also use all Roblox commands.
  3. You can also become admin by becoming a member of the Roblox community. Go to Join us on ROBLOX for joining the community.

I’ll be honest; becoming a Roblox game admin is not easy, and you can choose the easy way or the hard way as per your choice. 

But if you do something shady and Roblox catches you, You are likely to face Roblox error code 267.

How Do I use Roblox admin commands?

  • Open official Roblox site: Open the official site of Roblox from google chrome. Remember that google chrome should be your default browser always.
  • Check the store section: Check the store section to look for the game that has the admin pass.
  • Enter the game with an admin pass: After you have found the game that says it has an admin pass, you must enter it immediately.
  • After entering the game: After entering the game, you have to go to the chatbox to enter ‘cmds.’
  • Commands: When you have enter cmds, you will witness several commands visible on your screen.
  • Type the command you wish to use: In that chatbox, type the command you want to use.
  • Important reminder: Always put a colon(;) mark before every command.

For example: ;fight me or ;kill me. The command will not work otherwise.

After you have got access to the admin. You can get upgrades for your avatar as well.

What Is Roblox Admin Command: Best 20 Commands List Included

If you ever witness Unauthorized Error 524; Follow this Guide.

List of Top Roblox Admin Commands:

1. ;FireStarts a fire that will surround your player
2. ;UnFireIt will quickly stop all fire
3. ;JumpYou can jump in game with this code
4. ;KillYou can kill any player with it. Just type code and player id and that player will be killed.
5. ;LoopkillThis code will kill any player again and again.
6. ;FfCreates force field around the player.
7. ;UnFfAbolishes the force field
8. ;SparkleIt will create a sparkling effect around the player
9. ;UnsparkleAbolishes the sparkle effect
10. ;SmokeIt will create smoke-colored energy around the player
11. ;UnsmokeEliminates the smoky impact
12. ;BigHeadTurns the player’s head larger than normal
13. ;MiniHeadTurns the player’s head smaller than normal
14. ;NormalHeadTurns head back to the usual size
15. ;SitThis code will make the player sit in a specific place
16. ;TripExecutes player trip over for no cause
17. ;VisibleThis code will make the player visible to all
18. ;InvisibleThis code will make the player invisible to all
19. ;GodModeMakes players extremely deadly and hard to kill
20. ;UnGodModeIt will make the player reverts to its earlier normal form
21. ;KickYou can kick a player out of the game using this code
22. ;FixYou can fix a cracked script using this code
23. ;JailThis code will put a player in the jail
24. ;UnjailEliminates the forces to jail a player
25. ;RespawnReturns player back to life.
26. ;RemoveToolsThis code will remove any player’s tools without giving them a sign
27. ;ZombifyConverts a player into a contagious zombie that can’t kill anyone
28. ;FreezeThis code will freeze the player in position for a specific period
29. ;ExplodeThis code explodes the player within seconds
30. ;MergeIt allows you to command any player. They may think they are hacked

There are many other such commands that you can use to make your game even more interesting.

In short, your player will do anything that you ask of it. That is the purpose of admin commands. You can now play Roblox games according to your own terms.

How Do I Get Roblox admin commands for free:

You can get Roblox commands for free as well. Isn’t that exciting?

Follow these steps.

  • Search for HD admin (by Forever HD) in the Roblox search bar.
  • Then, you will need to add HD admin to your inventory.
  • Now, Open Roblox studio.
  • Navigate to Toolbox > Models > My models and Click on HD Admin.
  • Go to File and click on Publish to ROBLOX.
  • Open the game after copying the link until you reach the ROBLOX Admin Rank.
  • After getting the Rank, run any game with the Admin Pass, and type your commands in the chatbox.
What Is Roblox Admin Command: Best 20 Commands List Included

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can Any Player Hack Roblox Admin Commands?

No, it’s not possible. If someone managed to hack admin commands somehow, Roblox would ban them, and they might not be able to play again.

2. Is Using Roblox Admin Command Safe?

If you use the above-mentioned commands in this article. You won’t have any trouble using them. They are completely safe and easy to use.

3. How Can I use Roblox Admin Commands on other players?

To do this, you need to add a colon; before a command, then enter the username of the player you wish to use the command on.

4. Is it necessary to use Roblox admin commands in small letters?

No, it’s not necessary. You can write it in both ways, capital or small.

Final words:

Admin commands are an interesting way to enhance your game fun. You can also upgrade your avatar with commands.

Using these commands is safe, and you will not get banned for using them.

However, we recommend not to annoy other users as they can also report you, and as a result, you may get kicked out of the game.

Please don’t forget to mention in the comments below which commands you think is the coolest of all. We hope you enjoyed this article.

If you ever face any issue with any game or computer in the future, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to create a guide to resolve such an error for you.

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